Serving Olathe, Overland Park, and Kansas City for Over 50 years!

We Love Dance!

Our structured but engaging classes focus on teaching correct technique and vocabulary through positive reinforcement and fun. We believe dance is more than learning steps. It is about building self- confidence, coordination, self- discipline, teamwork, and determination in a warm, caring, family environment. Dance training offers benefits that last a lifetime. It is an investment in the future of every dancer.

Our Mission

At Leigh’s School of Dance, we strive to provide quality, professional dance training to students of every level. We are committed to making dance a positive experience for all dancers. We welcome all ages. We love to share our passion for dance with anyone who wants to experience the joy and art of dance -whether they are just beginning, highly advanced or somewhere in-between. At Leigh’s, we work hard to ensure every dancer feels like a success!

Our Philosophy

Leigh’s School of Dance is a place where students are encouraged to make a connection between academic knowledge and physical experience. We encourage students to think creatively and to have a healthy understanding of their bodies.